The new approved investment projects of PPA for 2014-2018

TOP NEWS / September 30, 2014

The Board of Piraeus Port Authority approved the business and investment program for the horizon period 2014-2018, total budget of 600 million €.

The projects for the new remodeling program of the biggest Greek port are expected to begin immediately, while priority seems to have the following four (4) projects:

  1. the upgrading of the car terminal
  2. the building of a hotel
  3. the installing of monorail and
  4. the construction of two ‘post-panamax’ floating docks

According to estimates, these first projects are calculated to 245 million EUR.

Undoubtedly, the new investment of PPA intends to strengthen the competitiveness of the Piraeus port, making it both modern and efficient on the movement of cargo and passengers, note that it is planning new facilities for the cruise shipping, which in last years has shown good writing samples.

If you want to read more about the investments that will changed significantly the face of the Piraeus Port… CLICK HERE.


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