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Emma Motsi

Emma Motsi

Specialized in Industrial & Logistics Management

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PhD Candidate at the Department of Maritime Studies – University of Piraeus

2010 – 2012

MSc in Logistics Management – University of Piraeus & NTUA

2005 – 2009

BSc at the Department of Industrial Management & Technology – University of Piraeus


  1. “Information Systems & Logistics ” (University of Piraeus, 2009)
  2. “System of Supply and Distribution, Case study: Analysis the supply chain of DANONE Greece” (University of Piraeus, 2010)
  3. “Business logistics, Case study: The impact of Logistics to the Greek retail company IRA”  (University of Piraeus, 01/2011)
  4. “The implementation of Information Systems in the case of Air Traffic Control System (A.T.C.)” (University of Piraeus, 05/2011)
  5. “The port policy of Greece and its role in the promotion of combined transport” (University of Piraeus, 05/2011)
  6. “The interaction between Packaging & Logistics, Case study: Pharmanel S.A.” (University of Piraeus, 2012)
  7. “Research on Institutional & Economic developments in Greek Passenger Shipping (2002-2012) & opportunities for a New Competitive institutional framework” (Research Center, University of Piraeus 06/2013)
  8. “Competition in the European Liner Shipping: The influence of New EU Regime (1419/06) and the challenges for the European Liner Industry” (11/2013)
  9.  “The Container Liner Shipping: The rapidly development & the future challenges” (01/2014)
  10. “The Cruise Industry: An ace up economic growth sleeve” (02/2014)
  11. “The Hydroplane Market: The presence of Hydroplanes in Greek Coastal Industry” (03/2014)