Robotic container ships: Virtual reality or a Possibility in the next decade?

TOP NEWS / September 30, 2014

The feature that reflects the world trade is the globalization and the very large container ships, such as Triple E of shipping company Maersk, which although are well-designed their operation is quite costly and environmentally harmful, therefore needs gradually become more cost and green efficiently, how; by designing a new advanced category, as that of the robotic container ships.

Undoubtedly, that issue raises a lot of questions, which are going to present above in order to reveal if the creation of technologically advanced container fleet can become real in the future.

What is a robotic container ship?

A robotic container ship is a remote-controlled that eliminates or reduces the need for crew.

How costly is the design of a robotic container ship?

According to manufacturer Rolls-Royce an autonomous ship could be much simpler in design than a traditional, because they would no need for the facilities and systems used by crew

Which are the impacts by the operation of a robotic container ship?

It seems to appear many advantages by the operation of such ships, firstly the human accidents will avoided, secondly carbon emission will reduced, thirdly crew cost will drop significantly, while an important disadvantage is the regulation framework, as robotic container ship are currently illegal, need a complete review of regulatory regime.

To sum up, for now the autonomous container ships are dealt in a theoretical stage, but on this article is born the hope that is not inevitable to persuade the shipping industry, a strong argument is the adoption of that concept from other transport industries, for instance self-drive cars…Read more


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