Posidonia 2016 Statements

TOP NEWS / June 12, 2016

 Posidonia 2016

The International Shipping Exhibition at the Athens Metropolitan Expo



Groundbreaking Statements by the Stars of Posidonia 2016


Alexis Tsipras at the official Opening ceremony, Posidonia 2016

Mr Alexis Tsipras, Greek Prime Minister, officially launched the Posidonia on day#1 of Posidonia 2016 with a plea for the Greek maritime community to trust his government.

Mr Tsipras proceeded in a completely different rhetoric towards the industry and made clear statements of supporting:

“We need to convince shipowners to have confidence in our efforts to transform the Greek economy.”


Theodore Dritsas at the official Opening ceremony, Posidonia 2016

Mr Theodore Dritsas, Greek Minister of Shipping and Island Policy highlighted that despite the difficulties in both the national and global economic environment, Greek shipping managed to maintain its leading position at international level:

“Greek shipping remains a vital and successful economic generator of the national economy,contributing over 7% to the national GDP, providing almost 200,000 jobs both at sea and ashore, covering also over 30% of the country’s trade deficit.”


Theodore Veniamis at the opening ceremony at the Metropolitan Expo Centre

Mr Theodore Veniamis, President of the Union of Greek Shipowners, said that is crucial for country’s recovery the Greek shipping to remain bound to Greece and lend its experience and dynamism:

“The Greek shipowners,currently amounting approximately to 50% of European shipping and 20% of the world fleet in terms of tonnage.”


George Prokopiou at the Capital Link Forum

Mr George Prokopiou, founder of Dynagas Ltd. & the star of Posidonia 2016, declared the following:

“Buy anything that floats that is cheap.”

“People say that shipping is a volatile business. That’s not the case. Shipping is the most stable business because it’s stable in its instability. The volatility is how you make profits and timing is the key.”

“Protecting ouzo, feta and olive oil is all very important, I’m sure, but they altogether do less than one ship. Shipping is much more important.”


Mariella Bottiglieri at Lloyd’s List business briefing

Mrs Mariella Bottiglieri, Managing Director of Giuseppe Bottiglieri Shipping Company SpA, declared that shipping events should not be seen as:

“One night stand by private equity, but as a long-lasting and happy marriage, the way traditional family-based companies do.”


Hermann Klein at the Capital Link investor day

Mr Hermann Klein, chief operating officer of CPO Holding, highlighted the unsustainable box rates given a disarming example about a panamax vessel, 5,000 TEUs capacity:

“The charter rate today is $5,000… $1 per teu. A 25-day journey can cost you only $25 and this has to cover all costs for the opex, fuel, lube oil financing, everything. That’s two gin and tonics in the bar I was in.”


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