Piraeus Port Presentation

TOP NEWS / September 21, 2015

Piraeus Port

Piraeus Port is not only the largest Greek Port and one of the largest in Mediterranean Sea, but is also a Crossroads of East – West trade.

Significantly, in the table below, presenting the trade flows thru the shipping and road network form Piraeus Port, and its key geographical roles:

  1. Gateway to Asia/Russia through the Black Sea,
  2. Central hub for access to Eastern Europe and
  3. Strategic proximity to Northern Africa and Middle Eastern routes.

TABLE 1: The Cross-Roads of trade



TABLE 2: Nautical & Road Network


Business Model

The business model of Piraeus Port based in the following main activities:

  1. Container Terminal
  2. Coastal
  3. Cruise
  4. Car Terminal
  5. Other Services

TABLE 3: The 4 Pillars 


Financial Overview

According to Chairman of P.P.A, Mr Y. Anomeritis port of Piraeus is a growth engine of the Greek economy, which is shown by the financial data.

TABLE 4: General Overview


TABLE 5: P&L Overview


In the fiscal year 2014 observed turnover decreased by 4%, the gross profit showed an increase of 3.3%. Profit before tax amounted to € 8,891,464.98 compared to € 11,824,617.21 in 2013, while operating expenses decreased by 4.76%.

Source: OLP S.A.

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