Greece to Speed Up Port Privatizations

TOP NEWS / September 5, 2015

The Port privatization is one of the main obligations for Greek government.

By signing the MOU Greece has agreed to precede the sale of state owned assets including ports. Significantly, the port privatization of the two largest ports, Piraeus and Thessaloniki not only will raise the proceeds to Greece, but also is a great challenge for its port upgrade.

Greece has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with its international lenders which stipulates that the binding bid dates for the ports of Piraeus and Thessaloniki must be announced by October, Reuters reports.

By signing the MOU Greece has agreed to speed up the sale of state-owned assets including airports, its power grid operator, and two of its largest ports. The proceeds from the sales of national assets and port privatizations are expected to reach EUR 6.4 billion by 2017, Reuters reports.

The MOU is a prerequisite for Greece if…..Read More


The new big deal for Greece is to succeed the ongoing process of port privatizations, but in an efficient way this time!


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