Checking the development of shipping alliances

TOP NEWS / November 24, 2014

Shipping Alliances are defined as an agreement of cooperation between two or more companies which are sharing in common certain assets in order to achieve competitive advantage

During 2008-2014, important issues such as fluctuation of freight rates and currency exchange, high bunker prices and global economic crisis led to a restructure of Container shipping market.

Therefore, new bigger strategic alliances came up among major liner carriers in order to gain the competitive advantage.

In 2014, four ‘Big’ alliances are formed, particularly are 2M, O3, G6 and CKHYE alliance.

These new alliances directly are compete each other and it is expected that they will shape the market competitive scenery in the short term.

According to European Shippers’ Council, ESC the global container market is in the hands of four players, as a result a risky development for the free competition could be occurred…Read more

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